Advanced Certified 800 HR Jivamukti 

800 HR+ Certified Bikram 2002

Roll Model Method Practitioner

Pilates Mat Level 1

Born and raised in Brooklyn, not that it matters, except if you were born and raised there. When you grow up in the diversity of cultures plentiful enough to rival the United Nations, adaptability, compassion, and understanding become of essence. Humanity is key, although sometimes the hardest part of one's self to reach. Enter discipline. It started as a love for tennis and 12 years of training and competing, and moved quite swiftly to the Arts. Somewhere within all of these disciplined studies of the body, human consciousness and creativity, Yoga got in - and stayed. 2017 marks 20 years of practice and 15 years of teaching (this was pre-Instagram era, if you can imagine) group classes, teacher trainings, workshops, privates, and for 5 of those years - owning a studio. The learning has never, and will never stop. I can highly recommend the same for everyone. Stay humble and own your wisdom. 

I believe in the kind of Yoga that stays connected to its roots and can discuss the philosophical without spiritually bypassing, and demand something of the practitioner physically and mentally. It has to be like life. If its too easy, you're always left hungry. If its exclusive and airy, or divisive, it smells too much like entitlement. I came to the mat for truth and my teachers gave that to me, so expect the same from me. Now more than ever, I feel strongly that Yoga teachers have much more to learn and be responsible for. We can't pretend ~ we have to talk about things that make us uncomfortable just as much as we have to practice somewhat uncomfortable asana. Asana means seat/connection with the earth (my personal favorite translation of the Sanskrit word given to us by Padma-ji Sharon Gannon, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga) 

See? Learning yoga is not that scary. Its the journey of lifetimes. May yours be full of truth and liberation.

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