October 2017 at The Yoga Room



Saturday 14 October 10.00-12.30
Redefining Mastery: A sustainable hot practice

A workshop that focuses on functionality for the future. Applied theories of the Ghosh lineage in a modernized and functional context. We will break down barriers to progress and dissolve attachments to movement patterns. A newer practice guided by wisdom emerges.

Saturday 14 October 14.00-16.30
Sacred Somatics / Exploration of the unknown : The Art of Assists

For teachers, a practicum on how to join with your students in the highest form of honor and to lead them to their alignment potential. For students, learning the art of accepting assists and understanding you are participating in the sacred exchange. For all, a practice in giving and receiving.

Sunday 15 October 14.00-16.30
The Sacred Vessel: The link to all things - Heart Aligned Vinyasa

We breathe to discover the divine movement in all. This workshop will challenge you to feel, reach, and have faith in the truth of your body in asana. Demanding movement, high frequency vibes and soulful sounds will push you through the darkest corners of yourself to find the graceful connection within.


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